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August 18, 2017 
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  • Monday, August 21st we will be experiencing a solar eclipse.  Most of your classes have already started talking about the importance of this event.  We have a wonderful day planned for Monday.  We will meet in all of our classes.  After lunch we will meet in Homeroom.  We will then go out to view the eclipse.  We have purchased NASA rated glasses for all of you to have to watch the eclipse.  You may bring a chair and/or blanket to sit in or on at the practice football field.  You may want to bring sunblock as well, because we will be outside for about 2 hours to view the eclipse.  We have sent home a form with you.  We only need the form if your parents/guardians do not want you to view the eclipse.  As we get outside there should be absolutely no horseplay in regards to someone else’s glasses.  You will need to make sure that you use your glasses as intended and instructed.

  • In Sports Today: The Lady Dragons soccer team will host Fairview with the first kick at 6:00.  The Lady Dragons volleyball team will host William James Middle School with a 5:15 first bump.

    Our Wonder precepts thought of the day: “We measure minds by their stature; it would be better to estimate them by their beauty.” Joseph Joubert

    Today we will be on Regular Schedule.

    Monday we will be on an Altered Schedule.  We will meet in all of our classes for an abbreviated amount of time.  We will go outside to view the eclipse at 12:40.

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