Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

FCA is a voluntary sports-based club that holds weekly devotionals called huddles in schools or educational type settings. Although founded in America in 1947, FCA has grown internationally and now holds huddles all over the world. At the local level, FCA has a club or huddle established in most secondary school settings across the country as well as in a few primary settings. Here at Dickson Intermediate School, FCA meets every Thursday morning beginning in September at 7:30 with a focus on Christian prayer, praise, worship, and devotion. Additional activities (movies, guest speakers, tailgate parties, etc.) may also become available based upon size and interest level of the group. Although FCA has an overall sports-based theme, students do not have to be athletes or involved in sports to attend. FCA is open to everyone and there are no fees involved. Sponsored by Mrs. Adcock